The levels of study offered in Ardrossan Academy are

· Higher

· National 5

· National 4

These courses are designed to enrich the experience of candidates through the equally weighted study of language and literature and to develop the skills of understanding and communicating.

To gain the overall award, the learner must pass all of the individual units as well as the course assessment. Course assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the course award.

The Higher course is for those who have attained N5 English; National 5 is suitable for those with a National 4 course award; and National 4 for those with a National 3 course award. Should a candidate have a grade D at National 5, they would find it extremely difficult to progress to the next level i.e. Higher.

Recommended entry levels for the courses:

· Higher English

National 5 pass at A, B or C.

· National 5

National 4 full course award or level 4 in the BGE

· National 4

National 3 course award or Level 3 in the BGE.


As already detailed above, each of the courses can provide a progression route to the next level as long as awarded at Grades A—C. Likewise, a Grade A or B award in Higher English can provide the required skills for progression to study Advanced Higher.

Across the school, the skills acquired through the further study of English provide students with an excellent foundation on which they can build as they extend their learning in other curricular areas. For example: essay writing techniques can be transferred to subjects such as History; social, historical and political themes explored through literature feed into subjects such as Modern Studies; whilst the critical thinking and analysis skills become essential in all areas of the curriculum.

Beyond school, English is a vital qualification in almost every pathway. It is a basic requirement for most Further and Higher Education courses as well as Apprenticeships and jobs in many sectors.

Finally, of course, there is the option for further study of literature and/or language at FE and HE which can lead students into careers such as teaching, journalism, the civil service, media and the arts.