The levels of study offered in Ardrossan Academy are:

· Higher

· National 5

· National 4

These courses are designed to enrich the experience of candidates through the equally weighted study of Drama Skills and Productions Skills in both practical and written assessments.

To gain the overall award, the learner must pass all of the individual units as well as the course assessment. Course assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the course award.

The Higher course is for those who have attained N5 Drama; National 5 is suitable for those with a National 4 course award; and National 4 for those with a National 3 course award. Should a candidate have a grade D at National 5, they would find it extremely difficult to progress to the next level i.e. Higher.

Recommended entry levels for the courses:

· Higher (National 5 pass at A, B or C.)

· National 5 (National 4 full course award or level 4 in the BGE)

· National 4 (National 3 course award or Level 3 in the BGE.)

What’s involved:

This course focuses on acting, directing and investigating in a variety of dramatic contexts. There will be opportunities for candidates to:

· investigate relationships, issues and topics;

· gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of theatre;

· develop acting and directing skills and contribute to a presentation;

· experience theatrical performance.

The course has a practical emphasis and looks at how drama can be enhanced by theatre technology and effects.

Throughout the course each pupil should keep a folio of classwork for each unit containing materials generated in preparation for, and as a result of, practical activities. Plans, notes, videos, audio tapes, etc should be retained in the appropriate folio.