BGE Business

In first year pupils study the nature of needs and wants in society and how businesses try to satisfy them. They also explore innovation and enterprise and how and why businesses should behave in an ethical manner.

In second year, pupils explore the effects of globalisation, the nature of developed and developing nations’ economies and what factors in the environment can affect the operation of businesses.

In third year, pupils study some different forms of business that legally exist, how businesses can operate effectively and pupils are introduced to the principal departments of any business namely marketing, finance, operations and human resources.

National 4, National 5 and Higher Business Management

National 4 has 2 theory units: Business In Action and Influences On Business.

National 5 and Higher have 3 theory units: Understanding Business, Marketing with Operations and Human Resources with Finance.

National levels expand on the knowledge gained in the BGE about the nature of businesses and their major departments.

All 3 levels provide personalisation and choice as the SQA require each pupil to research a business of their choosing, make suggestions as to how it can improve itself and submit a report on this.