BGE Computing Science

In first year, pupils work on setting up a hierarchical filing system, making animations, searching the Internet, producing graphics, understanding computer systems and coding computer programs.

In second year, pupils work on solving complex problems, understanding how to keep computers secure, coding Scratch games and setting up database systems.

In third year, pupils work on creating web pages, making their own Apps and coding complex programs.

Every topic is group under a Significant Aspect of Learning and ensure progression to national courses. For Computing Science, the SALs are:-

  • Understanding the World through Computational Thinking

  • Understanding and analysing computing technology

  • Designing, building and testing computing solutions

National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Computing Science

All courses cover two units:

Software Design and Development

Information System Design and Development

Software Design and Development covers designing, writing and debugging computer programs whereas Information System Design and Development covers creating relational databases and websites.