School uniform plays a vital role in establishing school identity, promoting equality for students, preparing students for the world of work and maximising safety. In Ardrossan Academy we are actively looking to re-establish the identity of the school community and believe that a consistent approach to uniform assists with this process.


Please find a list below of acceptable uniform items for next session:


           Plain white or black shirt with Ardrossan Academy tie.

  •           Black trousers/skirts or tailored shorts with plain black tights. (No leggings or jeans.)
  •           Plain black jumper or cardigan. (No hoodies.)
  •           Black footwear.


This approach to uniform should be affordable at the outset as well as easy to replace during the school session if required.
Ties cost £4, or £5 for the S6 tie, and Blazers £20. They can all be purchased from the school office throughout the school session.





I hope that students and parents/carers will support the standards we aim to set. I think this is an encouraging response to the school and that all our students should have a sense of pride in the school and themselves! I accept that school uniform is only part of this, but it is hugely significant in terms of identifying ourselves as a team.


There is no formal PE uniform, however pupils should be wearing a t-shirt or polo shirt (no vest tops) in either black, blue or white and navy or black shorts/ tracksuits bottoms etc. Soft soled shoes are required for PE, and should provide pupils with adequate support to avoid risk of injury.


If a pupil is unable to participate in PE due to injury, they are still expected to change into kit so that they can participate with the rest of the class in the theory element of lessons. Any pupils who forget kit, will be provided clean clothing/shoes which can be borrowed for that lesson. We do have a stock of Ardrossan Academy polo shirts and t-shirts which can be purchased from the school office for £5 and are highly suitable for wear during PE.