Curriculum Rationale.

Ardrossan Academy is committed to engaging learners in a curriculum which meets their individual needs, provides opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work and creates pathways which allow young people to move into positive destinations.

Our curriculum will endeavour to address inequalities ensuring that all students can be ambitious, respectful and excellent in line with our school values.

The development of health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy is central to the Ardrossan Academy curriculum at all stages and is developed in line with whole school strategy and departmental priorities.

Our curriculum has been designed in conjunction with all stakeholders including business partners and has been shaped to best support learners into aspirational pathways which meet the needs of ALL students and the demands of the local and national employment market.

Our curriculum is designed around the pupil entitlements and importantly ensures that universal personal support is at the heart of pupil’s daily experience. Personal achievement across the contexts for learning are central to the holistic development of all learners.


Following our intensive transition programme pupils in the S1 and S2 BGE study a wide range of subjects with opportunities in all curriculum areas to develop knowledge and skills allowing learners to develop their understanding and make links across curriculum areas.

The unique S3 BGE experience allows learners to follow specialised or broad pathways within curriculum areas. This provides breadth, depth and challenge in learning and where appropriate personalisation and choice, keeping learner’s options open so that their progression routes are not closed off too early. Learning in S3 is developed at 3rd and 4th level whilst building upon the necessary skills to maximise attainment in the Senior Phase.

Learning in the BGE is further enhanced with a focus on STEM activities from S1-3 for all pupils. This reflects national priorities and the appetite of our learners as they progress into the senior phase.

IDL opportunities in the BGE take place across and within curricular areas. Departments plan robust and coherent inter-disciplinary learning experiences, allowing all pupils to continue learning in all curricular areas. This provides enjoyment within contextualised learning whilst developing the knowledge and skills required for the senior phase.

Senior Phase.

The Senior Phase curriculum has been designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills and experience for learning, life and work. Combining S4, S5 and S6 learners into a single cohort will allow them to study at the level most appropriate to them. This will ensure a range of courses including NQs, Skills for Work, National Progression Awards and alternative learning experiences can be provided, making Ardrossan Academy pupils highly desirable candidates for Further or Higher Education, Employment and Training. Our Senior Phase will continue to develop the HWB, Literacy and Numeracy of learners. Ardrossan Academy will continue to engage and develop partnerships to support the scope of our curriculum and develop the confidence of our learners supporting them into positive and sustained destinations.